One of the basic elements of education is self-discipline. You learn to control your own mind so that you do the things you should do, not the things you want to do.

A high standard of self-discipline and behaviour is required from all students. You are expected to take responsibility for your own actions and to show courtesy and respect to staff, visitors and to one another.

Take care of your property and respect other people's property.

Please move about the school in a quiet and orderly manner. Keep to the left and do not run.

Students must not enter classrooms, laboratories or workshops until directed to do so by a teacher.

Always pay careful attention during lessons and do not allow your mind to wander -Learn to Listen and Listen to Learn.

You are expected to obey all members of staff without argument If you feel that you have been unfairly treated then you may appeal to the teacher concerned or Head of School at the end of the school day.

Smoking is forbidden in school and whilst travelling to and from the school or at any other time whilst wearing school uniform.