I. Parents are expected to cooperate with the working of the school by encouraging discipline in the students and taking active interest in the students' progress. That should check the diary regularly to note the teacher's remarks etc.

2. The importance of diary work at home and in the class must be emphasized and the tendency to relax during the normal school session and somehow study during the examination time to just pass must be discouraged by the parents.

3. Irregular attendance habitual idleness disobedience and conduct Injuries to the moral tone of the school are against the school discipline rule.

4. Parents or guardians are not allowed to take their children or meet teachers during school hours without the permission of the principal.

5. Parents desirous meeting the teachers may do so by taking prior appointment through the principal.

6. Parents should not enter the classroom.

7. Parents should not allow the students to wear any Jewellery except (if desired) a watch and a pair of small, plain gold earrings without stones or colors.

8. Maintain a good relationship with the school authorities and the teaching and non-teaching staffs.

9. Listen your child - "Good communication skills will benefit children for their entire lives. Children begin to form ideas and beliefs about themselves based on how their parents communicate with them. When parents communicate effectively with their children, they are showing them respect.

Let your kids know you're listening

  1. When your children are talking about concerns, stop whatever you are doing and listen.

  2. Express interest in what they are saying without being intrusive.

  3. Listen to their point of view, even if it's difficult to hear.

  4. Let them complete their point before you respond.

10. The school gives equal importance for extra-curricular activities encourage the innate talents of the children, the school promotes drawing, storytelling, fancy dress, handwriting, sports, art craft, Maths, memory test, recitation, elocution, Extempore, Dictate singing competitions for all the children at different levels. The childem are exposed to various SUPW activities. Inter school competitive examinations, Projects and exhibitions.