Presentation of work is always important Careless presentation will create a bad impression on your reader who may be distracted from what you have to say. The readers will make judgments about your general ability and even your attitude, if the presentation of your work appears to be careless. 
• Do not allow your books to be decorated with stickers or graffiti.

• Always head written work with a title and the date.

• Try to draft your work then check for content, organisation and accuracy. Rework as necessary, then write-up neatly.

• Take care with layout making proper use of margins and indented paragraphs. Write in blue or black ball point and only use colour when it is necessary to aid presentation.

• Proof-read all work for spelling, punctuation and grammar. Do not hope for the best - make sure your work is correct otherwise your marks and grades will suffer in all subjects. 
Homework is both important and necessary. Homework done regularly throughout secondary school can be equivalent to an additional year of study! 
The homework timetable in this planner will help you to organize your work and time. Use the weekly diary to keep a check on what you have to do and by when it must be completed. 
Try to do your homework at the same time each day in a quiet place where you are free from distraction. 
You are likely to achieve more by working regularly for relatively short periods (stay I hour at a time) than in a single long session when your concentration will lapse. 
Above all plan ahead to make the best use of time and do not leave projects, coursework or homework until the last minute!